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Short essay on tea garden

short essay on tea garden

to be more successful in the Assam climate and terrain. The local time in Assam's tea gardens, known as "Tea Garden Time" or Bagantime, is an hour ahead of the IST. 1, assam tea is manufactured specifically from the plant. History sister monroe by maya angelou essay of Assam Tea : Tea drinking first originated in China. Most of Assams Tea Gardens are located in the Upper Assam and Southern Barak Valley Region. Some of the major tea estates in Assam are Ambika, Gogaidubi, Jamirah, Amguri, Wiliamson Tea Estates, tea estates of Tata Group of Companies, Talap and many more. 6 not in citation given. Vast wild forest lands were transformed into beautiful smiling Tea Gardens, along the Brahmaputra Barak valleys. 8 The system was introduced during British days keeping in mind the early sunrise in this part of the country. Early in the morning you can gain a mind cooling experience while walking through the greens of tea- plantation, which a concrete world can not offer.

Aging some teas are subjected to aging and fermentation to make them more palatable. Theaflavins lend briskness and brightness to the tea while thearubigins offer depth and fullness to the liquor thats order to bring out specific intensities in flavors, tea makers control the amount of oxidation the leaves undergo. It gives you the opportunity to make a visit to the magnificent tea gardens, enjoy the exciting river cruises. You can converse with them and have a cup of hot and spicy black tea with them. Withering refers to the wilting of fresh green tea leaves.

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