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The golden mean by aristotle essay

the golden mean by aristotle essay

that man was best suited to live in a polis. tags: Aristotle, happiness, eudaimonia. In order to act virtuously, we must first acquire virtues, by parental upbringing, experience and reason.

Man-made objects have a purpose or goal in mind, for example a hunting tool. On the whole, Aristotle believed that the purpose of the state was to produce and support a class of cultured gentlemen, such as Aristotle himself. Youre probably thinking who gives a flying hoot about this shit and if youre actually thinking some relative form of not caring, let me tell you thats why Im here to tell you why you should care. tags: Philosophy. Moreover, according to Aristotle, to be truly happy in and of itself is for a man to be virtuous. Their metaphysical theories are complete opposites and very contradicting. Rather, there are criteria to how the man should act virtuously: the agent needs to be fully conscious of what he is doing, he needs to deliberately choose or will his action, and the action must be derived from a fixed moral disposition. The importance of the golden mean is that it re-affirms the balance needed in life.

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