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War of 1812 causes and effects essay

war of 1812 causes and effects essay

in the early summer of 1812 attacked British ships whose commanders had not yet learned of the official outbreak of the war. Effects of the War of 1812: decline OF THE federalist party, during the war the Federalists had protested. They know felt more like one people, and the basic American ideals and principles further developed during the Era of Good Feelings. The young United States government was determined to make Britain respect.

Americans were still mad at Britain, though, because it had. This caused an increase in business in some factories and as a result more job openings. One of the events that catalyzed this expansion was the War of 1812. The War of 1812 has always been a part of American history not very exiting to learn about for most Americans. Another benefit of the War of 1812 was the growth of American industry. Henry Clay, a leader of the War Hawks, was a young member of Congress from Kentucky. The dispute on the seas and involving trade may have been the biggest concern. To try to influence the European economy, President Jefferson passed the Embargo Act in 1807.

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Also, Jackson was heroic in the battle of New Orleans, and as a result he is elected as the 7th president of the United States. It was suspected that the British were encouraging the Native Americans to do "their dirty work" because the British wanted to reclaim the Mississippi River, and maybe even all of America, again! Although many officials still disagreed with one another, as they were expected to, there were no longer the titanic battles that were present at the turn of the century. The Embargo lasted until 1810 when Congress passed Macons Bill. This later leads to a period of "westward expansion" in America because Americans feel like they have a right to the North American continent. They were called the "war hawks." They believed that America should take Canada from the British punish the British for their policy of impressment and aiding of Native Americans., Effects of the War of 1812: patriotism, even though America did not exactly "win" the war. Cause of the War of 1812: british aided native americans IN attacking settlers. The battle of New Orleans was an especially important triumph for the Americans, and as a result of this battle Americans felt that they could defeat any nation that tried to conquer America. Representing the views of Americans living in the West, Clay believed that war with Britain would not only restore American prestige, it would also provide a great benefit in territory. British laws, known as Orders in Council, declaring blockades against American ships bound for European ports. In the Senate the vote also tended to be along regional lines, with most of the votes against the war coming from the Northeast. Effects of the War of 1812: NEW american heroes, jackson and Madison became heroes as a result of the war.