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Analyzing problems and solutions essays

analyzing problems and solutions essays

the news media? How should grassroots organizations get the information out to the public? SmartPark could make an initial move in establishing a Center for an advanced technology industry in education. How can homeschooled kids be prepared for college? In order to improve fitness levels, people could choose to walk or cycle to work or to the shops rather than taking the car.

A good story is an excellent way to do that. This article is about a problem solution essay, where the main point is to give a solution. A cause essay is probably what you are writing. In a cause essay, your main point is to explain the cause behind something (and sometimes the effects).

They could also choose to walk up stairs instead of taking the lift. If youre still stumped for ideas, then take heart. Some days can be pure bliss, and some days are, well lets just say theyre anything but blissful. Solution #2: Should violence in the entertainment and gaming industry be addressed for a possible influence? State the problem, whichever approach is used to analyze a problem, a clear and concise statement of the problem is essential. Does monitoring employees help solve the problem of distracted employees? The Advanced Technology"ents were identified for seven Canadian cities Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, Markham, Waterloo, Halifax,. Answer Key scroll down to Answer Key.