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The regent diamond essay

the regent diamond essay

went bankrupt; and her daughter died of an overdose of sleeping pills. Paris, who is said to have brought the jewel to the.S., reportedly leapt to his death from one of New Yorks tallest buildings in 1932. Sancy diamond For some, the pear-shaped Sancy diamond is believed be saddled with a vicious curse that brings violent death on anyone who owns the gem. The batteries in the display case alarm had been dead for months, the tops of the hall's windows were open for ventilation, and no security guard had been assigned to the room. However, Edward also seems to have contracted a mysterious disease around the same timewhich caused his death 9 years later. Golcondas mine in India, the original home of many of the world's most famous gems.

the regent diamond essay

hope diamond, the Hope Diamond is the most famous cursed gem of them all. Max Bauer make the identical point adding only Brazil as a source of the finest examples of amethyst. . They are both definitely happy they took this relatonship further and can't wait for the next encounter, perhaps they will add another girl in? The "star" inside and the milky appearance of the stone are formed by minuscule fibers from the mineral rutile, which reflect lighta phenomenon known as asterism.

Much of it was being smuggled into Nairobi, Kenya. . Plus, whether or not you believe in the idea of a curse, many of the tales just make a great yarn. The fact is that for the past two centuries, the finest amethyst has come from Ceylon and Brazil (Streeter 1879). From the day he possessed it he was unfortunate.". T Oriental amethyst, was actually purple sapphire and Occidental amethyst, the quartz gem that bears the name today. . It eventually made its way to the British royals, but they were said to be dissatisfied with its appearance.

the regent diamond essay

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